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There has been a butcher shop at the Cobden Road location in Ottawa for over 40 years.


David Wallace acquired the store in 2013 and changed the name from Brian's Butchery and Deli to Around the Block Butcher Shop, or ATB for short.

ATB is a fine family butcher shop providing quality meats and products from local and regional farms, and kitchens.

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David Wallace 


David Wallace 
Owner and CEO

My background is in cooking in fine dining restaurants in both Ottawa and Vancouver. I have helped teach short cooking courses in Ottawa, including at the college level. ATB frequently participates in food events here.


I love cooking – and I love cooking with great ingredients.

I want ideas on food and the food system to be shared, discussed, and ultimately lead to sustainable choices.

I want ATB to be recognized as a valuable part of the community. We support several Ottawa charities and good causes each year.  

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Our philosophy


Food is meant to be loved and enjoyed whether you are eating by yourself or with family and friends. Quality products help make this happen.

It is our commitment to good food that drives the quality of everything at the shop. We source many products directly from local farms.

Most people consider meat an important component of a good diet. Therefore, the meat you eat must be nutritious, delicious, and affordable – and that’s where ATB comes in. 

Product mission

To provide and create great and nutritious food for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Social mission

To have a positive impact on people and communities.

Business mission

To create a business with sound finances, managed well, and enjoys stable growth that enables staff to flourish.

Our products 


Food should be nutritious and good for your health.

The best meat, poultry and produce come from right here in Ontario and Québec.

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At ATB, we taste-test a sample of everything from the farmer or supplier before we will carry their products. The ATB staff have pride in providing fine quality meats from local, ethical, sustainable farms.

Most of our suppliers are local farms in Ontario and Québec. We also get great meats from PEI and Alberta.

Check out our many tasty grocery items, including roam-free farm-fresh eggs, breads, pies, sauces, honey, and jams. Most are made locally.  

We are also expanding our line of offerings for those on special diets and vegetarians.

Comments from customers

“Better than what one gets at the supermarket but competitively priced.”


"Freshest product and finest cuts at reasonable prices."

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A great team

"Great staff, super friendly and willing to help."

"By far the best butcher we've ever been to."

"Very helpful and friendly."


" Excellent service and quality."


Customer experience

"Going to ATB is one of my favourite actually-get-out-and-say-hi-to-someone things .. Way safer than the grocery store, better quality, tastier food and love the welcoming vibe. The pandemic is wearing but ATB remains a fav!"


We wish to create an experience that is pleasant upon arrival and while visiting our shop and carries over to the home where the products are prepared and consumed. 


We want our customers to return because of the quality of the products, the cheerful service, and sound advice on choosing products and tips on cooking.


Thanks for supporting ATB and local farmers and businesses.

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