Around the Block loves local!
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  • Beef from local farms such as O'Brien Farms in Winchester

  • Canadian beef from Ontario, Alberta and Prince Edward Island

  • Dry aged steaks and roasts

  • Ground beef made fresh daily from quality steak trim

  • Chicken and other poultry from local farms in Ontario and Quebec

  • Pork, ham and bacon from Ontario

  • Canadian lamb from Maple Meadows Farm in Osgoode

  • Duck, rabbit, bison

  • Fresh turkeys for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holiday

Custom cuts
& orders

Tell us what you are planning to cook, and Around the Block can help you make the right choice of meat and custom cut to your preferences.


Around the Block can custom order game and exotic farmed meats such as bison, deer, rabbit, kangeroo and others.

Best bacon in town!


Dry Aged Beef

Around the Block is proud of its dry aged steak and roast program.

Deli meats

A wide selection of deli meats


A variety of local and award-winning cheeses from Canada


Deli sandwiches



Store-made pies and sausages




Spice rubs

Local maple syrup

Local honey 

Fair trade coffees

Remember to pre-order early for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years


  • Turkeys (regular or local antibiotic, hormone and steroid free are available)

  • Crown roasts

  • Lamb

  • Ham

Place your order by calling 613-820-3258 or let us know on your next visit to Around the Block.

Drop off your own board or platter, give us a budget and we’ll make a great chacuterie treat for
pick-up the next day.

An excellent contribution to a potluck dinner or as an appetizer at your next get together!