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The Ketchup Project

The Ketchup Project


The Ketchup Project Flavoured Ketchups

500 ml

Made in Ottawa



Currygewurzketchup "Curry Spice Ketchup. The condiment of choice on Berlin's most popular street food - Currywurst. Great with fries. Not overpowering, very subtle and sweet. It’s “fantastiche”."


Big Dilly Style "Dill Pickle Ketchup. Dried dill, dill seed, and garlic infused white vinegar. Excellent on a burger (pickles and ketchup in one). I use it at home mixed with mayo for a Russian dressing. You can finally get rid of that massive pickle jar in your fridge."


Bring It On "Spicy Ketchup. Classic tomato featuring Ginger, Pickled Jalapeño, and Habanero. This is the order they hit your taste buds. I often describe it as a gingery version of sriracha. Spicy but not extreme… still ketchup at its core. Bring it on, an bring it home."

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