We have consulted medical safety and architectural design experts.


We have many COVID—19 protections to help provide a safer shopping experience

A method of service for everyone

  1. Shop inside in a protected environment and view our fully stocked counters to make your selections. Since September 5th, we are welcoming customers back into the shop for counter service. Counter Service is available on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

  2. We still provide contact-less ordering and pick-up at the Around the Block Window Stop at the shop door, but this service is available on Sundays and Mondays only.

  3. We have improved our telephone system for ordering.

  4. We have added:

ATB online ordering

The new shop online option is available 24/7 and allows customers reduce the number of trips out of their homes.  We will expand our online offerings over time.

Barriers protect customers and staff inside the shop

Protective tempered glass barriers now ring the customer area. 

Although glass barriers are more expensive, they are much easier to keep clean than acrylic sheets, and are scratch resistant. We fix these "sneeze guards" to the counter tops with super-strong industrial glue. The glass panels were purchased from Centennial Glass here in Ottawa.

Take a tour of some of the ATB safety measures ..

Airlock still available on Sundays and Mondays 

Some may still prefer not entering the store at this time. For those customers, our Service Window Airlock will be in place at the shop front door, but only on Sundays and Mondays.   You can place an order at the window or pick-up an order you telephoned in or ordered online. You won't be able to enter the store. Learn more..

Customers are required to wear masks inside

This is an Ottawa Public Health legal mandate. 
If you have forgotten your mask, we can provide you a disposable one for a small fee.

Hand sanitizer is provided for customers

Hand sanitizer is provided for you at the door and at the cash area. Help yourself.

Physical distancing

We limit the number of customers in the store at one time to 3.


If having to wait for an order, customers are encouraged to practice physical distancing on the sidewalk or wait in their cars.

Signage and markings on the sidewalk encourage this.

A safer "hands-free" shop door handle for customers

The outer shop door handle has been modified so that one can open it easily with a clothed forearm. Although the ATB version is made of metal, the design is inspired by a open-source handle developed by Materialize in Belgium for 3-D printing. 

Improvements in how to pay

During the COVID-19 pandemic, payments for telephone and online orders will be by Debit or credit card. When paying directly at the Around the Block Window Stop, we have an improved method of payment to make contact more "touch-less". Cash is still accepted.


Stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus involves lots of proper hand washing with soap and water.

Staff are also educated on how to hand wash properly. We also use disposable gloves when cutting and handling meat.

Counter-top, equipment and store hygiene has always been crucial at ATB. We have further increased the frequency of cleaning the store, including all counter-tops. 

Appropriate use of masks and face shields by ATB staff

Physical distancing for farmers and suppliers

Thank you to these folks who work hard to get the products to us!

Physical distancing at the back door of the shop is also in place.

Those delivering our products do not enter the shop itself. Their goods are dropped off outside on a secure table and promptly cleaned and taken inside by ATB staff.

ATB staff have disposable gloves and are provided protective face shields. Lots of hand washing here. 

Airlock available only on Sundays and Mondays

Customers are welcome inside the store on Tuesdays to Saturdays. Some may still prefer not entering the store during this stage of the pandemic. For those customers, our Airlock Service Window  will be in place at the shop front door on Sundays and Mondays.   You can order at the window or pick-up an order you telephoned in or ordered online.

Our Window Stop Airlock
has received local and national interest by print and online newspapers, radio and television media. For an example, see The Ottawa Citizen article by Blair Crawford
in the Ottawa Citizen,
May 8, 2020.
See article 
Designed by Josh Wallace
This service window fits into the shop's existing front door. 
From inside 
From outside 

This window just inside the front door of the shop is designed to help block the spread of the COVID-19 virus but still allow good communication and personalized service.

It helps protect both customers and staff.


There are several 5-star reviews on Google (they also liked the products and service):


"... And, the pandemic protocols are the best!!! They protect their staff and the customers."


" ... The service we got was excellent and they are being very careful with their pick up system. Well done!


"... They also have a very clever setup to deal with Covid-19."

ATB is very appreciative of everyone's support.
We wish everyone the very best in this stressful time. 



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